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Welcome to the Agricultural Market Information website.

An online portal to tools that provide valuable information, helping farmers and traders to succeed in the Cambodian agricultural market places.

Here you will find the latest available price and production data, and use various information resources.

Radio Show

Commodity Storage
  • Commodity storage and its benefits
  • News report about commodity storage
Grading Commodities
  • Grading agricultural commodities
  • News report about grading
Bunching Onion
  • Harvest and post-harvest advice for bunching onion
Green Pepper
  • Harvest and post-harvest advice for green pepper
Green Pepper
  • Harvest and post-harvest advice for green pepper
Bussiness Trust
  • How to build trust within your business, and then use this trust to expand your business network and increase your income.
Commodity Grading
  • Commodity grading can benefit farmers by assisting them to sell more of their produce and increase their income.
SMS System Usage
  • How to search for market price information using the AMI SMS System.
Searching for Suppliers and Partners
  • How to search for business partners with low cost produce.
Call in Show Trailer
  • Promotional trailer for the AMI Call in Show.

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Recent Price Updates

CommodityDatePrice (Riel)
*Average Price from All Participating Markets
Beet 27-Mar-2017 900.00/kgs
Petsai 27-Mar-2017 1500.00/kgs
Cauliflower 27-Mar-2017 1500.00/kgs
Lettuce 27-Mar-2017 2500.00/Kgs
SoiySum 27-Mar-2017 1500.00/kgs
Cabbage 27-Mar-2017 800.00/kgs
Pakgoy 26-Mar-2017 1900.00/kgs
Onion Leaf 26-Mar-2017 4500.00/kgs
Green Pepper 26-Mar-2017 2500.00/kgs
Mustard Green 26-Mar-2017 1300.00/kgs
Water Convolvulus 26-Mar-2017 1500.00/kgs
Bitter Gourd 26-Mar-2017 1500.00/kgs

Production Information

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